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24mm Metal Summit Cap for RDA’s

24mm Summit cap for RDA’s to replace the top cap and drip tip (removes most RDA's ability to control the airflow)

5 to choose from: Brass, Black, Copper, Heat Treated and Stainless Steel


Comes with 2 different sized O rings for fitting on multiple RDA's

Suitable for 24mm RDA’s for example: Custom 528 Goon, Skill, Apocalypse, Kryten, etc

Finishes the clean look of your RDA’s and makes matching metals easy


Brass cap is made from brass


Copper cap is made from copper


Stainless steel, black and rainbow caps are stainless steel construction so that they match the colour of your metal RDA when cleaned without the annoying side effects of patina, they are easy to clean and maintain and do not need or are meant to be sanded as it will remove the colour.


A fantastic edition to give a new look to your RDA and whole setup and also very nice to use and vape with.

24mm Metal Summit Cap for RDA’s

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