Cinohmatix Series 50ml

3 Stunning flavours from Cinohmatix.

Exposure – Lemonade Apple and Blackcurrant.

Focus – Refreshing summer fruits.

Perspective - Blue Muffin Shake.


Exposure – Lemonade Apple and Black. A lemonade infused with apple and blackcurrant, a thirst quencher with a zing to leave your mouth watering.


Focus – Refreshing summer fruits. A mix of carefully picked strawberries, cherries and raspberries and a mysterious hidden gem, sure to leave a tickle on your tongue!


Perspective - Blue Muffin Shake A perfectly baked blueberry muffin, crushed and blended into a thick shake, and of course we topped it off, try it, what do you think it is?


Made in the U.K.

0mg Nicotine

50ml liquid

Cinohmatix Series 50ml