Replacement Magnets (Mech Mods) Silver Plated or Nickel

Replacement magnets for mechanical mods that use magnets in the switch.

e.g. PURGE, Avid Lyfe, Comp Lyfe, Mad Dog Mods, HD&E and many more.....
Nickel or Silver Plated
2 sizes and 2 thicknesses available.
A thin magnet can replace a similar thin magnet or 2 x thin magnets can replace a thick one, where 2 magnets can be used as a pair or just 1 of the thin magnets for a softer throw where possible (eg time keeper)
A thick magnet is twice as thick as a thin one.
Please contact before purchase if you are unsure of which magnets you need and we will try our best to advise.
Lightweight, yet extremely powerful and easily cleaned
Small Magnets are 12.5mm Wide & 3 or 6mm thick
Large Magnets are 19mm Wide & 3 or 6mm thick

Replacement Magnets (Mech Mods) Silver Plated or Nickel


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