Jomo Royal 60 Sub Ohm Kits
The latest in the Royal series of vape pens, the Royal 60 is 122mm tall and 22mm round.

Powered by a 2000mAh Smart battery, it has a range from 20W - 60W and delivers the full 60W each time you hit the fire button for a full day of vaping.

With air flow fully open all the time, you'll get clouds of vapor on each draw and with the wide bore 810 mouthpiece.

The Royal 60 offers a choice of two types of coil : a standard 0.25 ohm coil or the  0.17 ohm coil.

To fill the Royal 60, unscrew and remove the top cap and fill directly into the tank. Be careful not to over-fill and don't get any liquid down the centre of the coil. Replace and screw down the top cap and let the unit stand for 2 - 3 minutes to ensure that the cotton is completely wet before you start vaping. Make sure that the coil is screwed tightly into the base each time you remove the top cap and don't forget to prime new coils.

To change the coil, get a grip on the top cap and glass tank, unscrew and remove them from the base. Unscrew the old coil and screw the new coil in securely. Again, make sure it's screwed in tightly and don't forget to prime new coils. Replace the glass tank and top cap and screw into place.

The LED in the fire button will flash to indicate when the Royal 60 needs charging : plug it into the micro USB cable supplied and connect to your computer, a wall plug adapter or car charger.

The Kit contains :
1 x Royal 60 vape pen
1 x 0.17 ohm mesh coil
1 x 0.25 ohm standard coil
1 x spare glass tank
1 x micro USB charger cable
1 x User Instruction card

Jomo Royal 60 Sub Ohm Kits


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