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Resin 810 Wide Bore Drip Tip
Multi-Coloured Resin Drip Tip to fit 810 RDA caps and tanks with pre-installed internal O ring's
Suitable for use with Original  Custom 528 Goon (NOT SUITABLE FOR 1.5), Kennedy, Comp Lyfe Battle Cap, Skill, Druga, Apocalypse, Kryten, Mad Dog etc 1/2" bore RDA's and Top Caps



Assorted colours, every tip is individual, please message with order if you woudl like a specific colour and we will try our best to supply.




Total Width : 16.8mm

Outer Bore : 12.3mm

Inner Bore : 10mm

Total Height : 14.4mm

Tip Flush Height : 9mm

Resin 810 Wide Bore Drip Tip

  • Resin drip tip for 810 RDA's with a pre-installed internal O ring and 1/2" bore.


    For fitting examples: Custom Vapes 528 Goon, Kennedy, Complyfe Battle Cap, Apocalypse, Skill, Druga, Kryten, etc


    Although I have personally tried these tips in the listed RDA’s and they fit I can’t guarantee the fitment in your own


    Recommended that you wash or clean before first use.


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